The Contest

Close your eyes and let yourself go, dig through your memory, and try to relive the flash of an emotion, brought from the slight nuances of a taste, a forgotten aroma. Suddenly, it appears a room, a face, a gesture dear to us ... Comfort Food. Find your own last wish dish : this is the aim of the food movie contest The Last Wish... the winner will be chosen by popular vote, the dish will then be recreated by a team of professional chefs.



Record a video of max 60 seconds, sign up and upload it on the contest website



Choose your favorite video and rate it on a scale from 1 to 5 stars



Have your video or the one you like the most voted on social networks


Become Chef

The 3 food videomaker chosen by the jury will be protagonists of original performances for the public of the exhibition in San Servolo

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The best videos

  • Non è la prima volta

    Alberto Massarotto

  • Il mio piatto "Ultima cena"

    Federica Ferrari

  • Spezzatino d'amore funghi e polenta

    Serena Giust

  • Il mio piatto "ultimo desiderio"

    Valeria Frigerio

  • Il mio piatto "Ultimo desiderio"


  • Il mio piatto "Ultimo desiderio"

    Giorgia Auriemma

  • Il mio piatto "Ultimo desiderio"

    Caterina D'Aprile

  • Il mio piatto "Ultimo desiderio"


  • Il mio piatto "Ultimo desiderio"

    Domenico Lepore

  • Ultima cena

    Giorgia Carraro


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Become Chef

The three food video-makers, chosen by a qualified panel of judges, who best shared their memory in a better way will be the protagonists of a special event that will take place in San Servolo where they will have the public tasting their “dish of the soul” in an engaging experiential mix assisted by a team of professional chefs.

The Jury



Born in New Zealand but New Yorker by adoption, after his extensive travel and a full immersion in the fashion world, he develops his talent by investigating with irony and provocation the relationship between food and society.


Chef, Actor

A famous television and theater actor, he is today an internationally acclaimed chef. His bond with the folk culture is expressed by the research of practices and ingredients now lost.



Chef-patron of the renowned veg-gourmet restaurant Joia, interprets the charm of nature in a spiritual way by offering a journey where the colors of memory become bright emotions



Able to harmonize the social, political and cultural commitment, he has distinguished himself with his innovative choices, such as the exhibition "The Divine Landscape" dedicated to the Venetian Pedemontana .



Curator and art editor, works with major art magazines and has curated a large number of solo and group exhibitions together with her activity as a professor of contemporary art


President of the Province of Venice

President of the Province of Venice since 2009, was mayor of San Donà in 2003 and 2008. With a degree in Social Services, has given particular attention to the network of cultural activities in the territory

Follow us to find out the winners of the contest.

The Project

Henry Hargreaves, No Seconds – Comfort Food e Photography is the first solo exhibition held outside of the United States by the New Zealander photographer Henry Hargreaves. The exhibition, created by Mauro Zardetto and curated by Chiara Casarin, will be open from September 7th to November 24th 2013 at the Museum of Madness, Island of San Servolo, Venice, and represents a meditation journey on the concept of comfort food, defined as food that gives comfort, that nurses and opens a breach on the personal history of those who choose it. Snapshots taken from his works such as Deep Fried Gadgets and Band Riders and finally the famous series No Seconds are displayed. The format, created by ArtMovie and co-produced by ItalianaComunicazione, is completed by the food movie contest The Last Will and by a series of exclusive events in San Servolo as “conceptual” tastings, debates and meetings.


You have doubts about the rules of the contest? Read the full text here.
For information about the exhibition and San Servolo and to download the press kit please visit the event website.